Child advocate, author to speak

Children’s advocate and best-selling author Trudy Ludwig will provide an evening presentation on “Understanding Our Kids’ Social World: Friendships, Cliques and Power Plays” beginning at 6:15 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 18 at Westwood Elementary School, 13651 Fourth Ave. S., Zimmerman. 

Free childcare is available for children ages 3 (potty-trained) through 11. Families must pre-register for childcare by calling 763-241-3400, ext. 5000. 

Ludwig’s best-selling book, “My Secret Bully,” addresses emotional bullying among friends. She has been profiled on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and PBS’s nationally syndicated show, “Keeping Kids Healthy.” Her subsequent releases, “Just Kidding, Sorry!,” “Trouble Talk®,” “Too Perfect,” “Confessions of a Former Bully” and her newest release, “Better Than You,” have also received national praise for helping children cope and thrive.

Ludwig will also read to students at Meadowvale, Westwood and Otsego elementary schools Oct. 17 through 19. 

She will also lead students through engaging activities and role-playing to teach life skills.