Police report: Fake pizza delivery driver, theft on video and Mexican jail plot

by Jim Boyle


Elk River Police took reports this past week of a person posing as a Sarpino’s Pizza delivery driver, and eventually tracked down the suspect or suspects.

In one case a complainant reported a male party came to her door along Upland Avenue wearing a Sarpino’s Pizza hat and carrying a pizza.

The women said she did not order anything and the male started asking her personal questions about whether she lived alone and what she was watching on television. The suspect eventually left, but the woman called Sarpino’s and found out they had no one out making deliveries at that time. She then called police.

In another case, a man described to be about 20 years old showed up  with a Sarpino’s box in the 10000 block of 180th Lane asking questions about who was living at the residence and allegedly making an effort to look into the residence.

Police became concerned that one or more individuals were casing out homes to possibly burglarize them, according to Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz.

Police did then locate a vehicle matching a complainant’s description at the intersection of 181st Avenue and Trott Brook Parkway.

They cited a 16-year-old Ramsey boy for exceeding the number of passengers on a provisional license. Police also seized a Sarpino’s sign and returned it to the Otsego business.

After making the stop, police no longer believe there was any prowling going on.

“We don’t think there was any criminal intent,” Kluntz said. “We think they were just trying to be funny.”

Adults in the community, however, didn’t find it too amusing.


Theft spotted on video camera

Walmart security viewed some video and discovered that a person stole jewelry from a display case on Sept. 14 at the Elk River store.  Police have a suspect and are following up on the report that was made Sept. 18. It’s believed about 75 items were stolen.


Man arrested for DWI when tabs didn’t match

A 24-year-old Harris man was arrested for DWI on Sept. 17 after an Elk River officer noted a registration that didn’t match what a registration check showed. While watching the motorist, the driver make a wide turn and crossed a center line.


Mexican jail plot used to defraud man, 78

A 78-year-old Elk River man  in the 200 block of Evans Avenue received a phone call from someone claiming to be his grandson.  The caller said he was in a Mexican jail and needed money. The victim wired the money, but later learned that his grandson was not in Mexico. The man reported the incident to police  on Sept. 14.


Damage at Pinewood Golf Course found

Elk River Police are investigating more than $2,000 in damage that was done to Pinewood Golf Course on Sept. 18. Damage was done to a granite fairway sign and fairways and greens on three holes.


Driver cited for      possessing pot

Elk River Police responded to a report of a motorist who was speeding and cutting drivers off and possibly smoking marijuana on Sept. 16 near the intersection of Highway 10 and Main Street. The vehicle was stopped on Ranch Road, leading to a citation for possession of a small amount of marijuana. The driver was also warned for his conduct.


Police arrest Big  Lake man for DWI

A 48-year-old Big Lake man was arrested Sept. 18 for DWI after officers responded to a traffic complaint of a vehicle crossing lane lines along Highway 10. The man was stopped at Edison Street and Highway 10.