Pierz woman goes crazy for Zimmerman

by Nathan Warner

Contributing writer

Zimmerman’s second annual Krazy Daze brought a burst of fall color to the area with activities, displays, business specials and contests.

The theme of the event this year was the “Minute to Win It,” which served as a contest for a flat screen TV.  Participants could enter the drawing while they visited Zimmerman businesses and the more stores they visited, the better their chances of winning the contest.

Nearly 400 drawing slips were entered with the grand prize going to Stacie Valentine of Pierz.  “She was visiting relatives in Zimmerman and was shopping at Nelson’s Nursery for a fruit tree when she entered the drawing,” Bill Potrament, president of the Zimmerman Civic Club, said. “I’ve never heard someone so ecstatic on the phone when I called up and told her the news — she’d never won anything in a contest before.”

The watermelon contest was a juicy competition that had kids of all ages engaged in Krazy Daze.

The activities and family contests held at Nelson’s Nursery were some of the highlights of the event.  The Cash Dig had over a dozen kids and teens scrambling for coins buried in a pile of wood shavings while the watermelon eating contests left a pile of rinds on the table and winners with an extra $20.

“Krazy Daze was very successful for area vendors and businesses,” Potrament said, “and we had lots of people visiting the participating stores.”  Sheri Olson, owner of Reading Frenzy Bookstore in Zimmerman, agreed.  “We had the kind of fantastic business you only get around Christmas time,” she said, “and 75 percent of our customers were new.  It was great!”

Potrament said that next year, they’ll probably make Krazy Daze a one day event with more kid’s games and family activities, adding, “and as usual, we’ll make it even bigger and better.”