Baby Boomers sought by Community Education

by Jim Boyle


Baby Boomers are coming of age, so to speak, and District 728 Community Education wants to be right there with them as they do.

The Third Age Society, a program geared toward adults looking for intriguing topics to explore and in-depth dialogue, is banking on the notion this population born sometime between 1946 and 1964 remains less interested in joining AARP and more interested in remaining plugged into the whole wide world around them.

“We’re really excited about this program,” said Jay Grammond, the District 728 Community Education program manager.

The Third Age Society programming is open to all adults, but what sets it apart from other community education programming is the opportunity to take out an annual membership.

Plus, presenters will all be experts in their field of study. The courses have also been structured to include not one but two sessions to allow for more thought-provoking discussions and a chance to dig into interesting topics.

The annual memberships will cost $169, which will allow adults to attend any and all of the speakers during the course of a full year.  There are also special rates for couples.

“We’re hoping this takes off,” Grammond said.

District 728 Community Education rolled out its first set of presenters in its fall brochure, but registrations have come in slowly. There are three more installments coming — winter, spring and summer — but unless there are a significant number of registrants, they run the risk of being cancelled. It’s time for Baby Boomers to step up, if they want this type of program to succeed.