Dedication planned for two Army helicopters

A dedication ceremony is scheduled for two Army helicopters
Thursday at the Army Aviation Support Facility in St. Cloud, Minn.

“We are having this dedication to celebrate the history of Minnesota National
Guard Aviation and Army Aviation as a whole,” said Army Lt. Col. Shawn P.
Manke, AASF Commander.

“We are using this event to open up the facility to the community and
aviation enthusiasts,” said Manke.  “We are proud of the history of Minnesota
Guard Aviation and those service members who have served the state and nation
with these types of aircraft.  This event is to honor these aircraft and the
soldiers who served with them.”

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The AH1 Cobra and UH1 Huey will be dedicated at the event, said Manke. The
AH1 Cobra was received from Tank and Automotive Command in 2001 and the UH1
Huey was received through the Utility Helicopter Product Managers Office in
the spring of 2004 after most Hueys in the military were retired.  Retired
Army Chief Warrant Officer 5 Rick Koehnen, a Vietnam Veteran helicopter pilot
and former Minnesota National Guard soldier, was involved in the initial
procurement of the aircraft and instrumental in ensuring the aircraft were
kept in the condition they are today.

“We are extremely proud of the soldiers who maintained and flew these
aircraft, said Manke.  “We encourage service members, veterans, and the
general public to attend this event and interact with the soldiers of the
aviation community in St. Cloud.  These two aircraft enhance the Army
Aviation Support Facility where our citizen-soldiers have to train and
sustain their domestic and war fighting aviation skills.”

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