‘Powered by Nature’ won’t be on water tower

The City Council considered adding the new "Powered by Nature" logo to this water tower by the YMCA.

The Elk River City Council has ruled out putting its new “Powered by Nature” theme on the water tower by the YMCA.
The water tower was being repainted this month and the council considered adding the theme before the crew left. But it would have cost $14,400 to paint one 8- by 22-foot “Powered by Nature” logo on the tower and $12,400 for the second one.
The council liked the idea but thought that was a little pricey. Plus, city officials wanted some thought to go into how “Powered by Nature” should be placed in conjunction with the city’s elk logo so it will be displayed consistently throughout the city.
The water tower has the elk logo on two sides.

The “Powered by Nature” theme was developed as part of a city branding process.

The new "Powered by Nature" logo.