WriteOutdoors Blog: Tell us about your Youth Waterfowl Day

by Ron Hustvedt

With the early goose season already a week under way, there’s a good chance you might hear some shooting in the distance during the early morning hours. With some luck, there will be even more shooting this weekend because of the Youth Waterfowl Day that kicks off on Saturday.

The Youth Waterfowl Day was created to provide young hunters with an opportunity to hunt before the pressure of the regular season, as well as pursue species like teal and wood ducks that are already in active migration mode.

Waterfowl youth day is coming.

Minnesota’s traditional Youth Waterfowl Day will be conducted Saturday, Sept. 10, two weeks before the regular duck opener. It is timed to provide youth with an opportunity to hunt abundant early migrating teal. To participate, youth 15 and younger must obtain a free small game hunting license, a Harvest Information Program (HIP) certification, and be accompanied by a non-hunting adult. Duck limits will be the same as the regular season and youth will be able to take five Canada geese.

If you have the opportunity to take a child out hunting this weekend, I invite you to do so. I’d also like to invite you to post a response to this blog writing all about your hunt. Visit the Star News Facebook page and you can even upload a photo That invitation goes especially out to kids to share their hunting experiences.

Minnesota has lost 40,000 waterfowlers in the past decade and we cannot afford to lose more. This special youth hunt is also under fire from many hunters who question its value. Clearly, youth are taking advantage of this day. I’d be willing to bet that we’d have lost even more hunters without this special hunt.

Have an opinion for or against that statement? Please post your response.

For full details on the Youth Waterfowl Day, early goose season and regular waterfowl season go to www.dnr.state.mn.us/hunting/waterfowl/