Superintendent’s raise doesn’t add up for this writer

I thought it was a horrific move by the School Board to grant the superintendent a raise. I had not planned on writing anything until recent news that I have received. It appears that due to budget shortfalls, that my 6-year-old daughter’s school bus pick-up site is being moved.

The new location is only two blocks further away, but now out of sight of her morning day care and on a much busier traffic corner. What happened to the board’s and superintendent’s promise to keep all the kids safe?

Maybe if the superintendent had not received a raise, that money could have gone to the transportation department.

Many workers have had to endure no raises or even pay cuts for the last few years. The board and the superintendent have all said we are nursing a fragile budget. How can we afford a raise and why do we need to afford a raise for whom, I guess, is the most highly compensated employee in the district, at the expense of our kids’ safety and education? — John Cira, Elk River