Short-circuit plans to pull the plug on Energy City

Do we, the citizens of Elk River, really want to discontinue being known as Energy City? Do you realize that Elk River, Minnesota is known throughout the world as Energy City? We have had engineers from many countries — China, Egypt, Japan, Italy, Scandinavian countries, Russia, Palestine, Venezuela and 20 more — to take tours of our facilities such as the RDF plant, the landfill with the gas to electricity and from garbage to electricity. I have considered it an honor to have had these dignitaries in our midst to come and discuss and share interest in the conservation of our energies.

Another issue facing the council is Project Conserve; many of us have learned much from the seminars conducted by Vance Zehringer and Ross Pomeroy.

The other day I was watching television and they told about a section in Minneapolis that was beginning a program such as our Project Conserve. They told how to get in contact with the program. Elk River has had this program for several years.

It is our privilege and duty to vote; most of us do vote. Now that we have voted for the councilman of our choice, it is our duty to call and let him know how we feel about the various decisions he must make. Is your councilman truly representing you or is he just expressing his opinion?

Many of you are newcomers and I am certain that you are unaware of how fortunate you are to be living in a city that is so financially stable and a city with vision. We have been ahead of many cities with our thinking and I pray that we may receive wisdom in our decision making. — Lola Driessen, Elk River