New District 728 staff members

Elk River High School

•Roxanne Carter-Wyatt (.6 speech language therapist) new to the district-shared position with Zimmerman High School, 10th year of experience

•Steve Hamilton (1.0 social studies) new to the district, 12th year of experience

•Emily Montag (1.0 English) worked part time at Elk River High School last year, second year of experience

•Andria Seline (1.0 DCD/ASD) a long-term sub position last year, second year of experience

Alyssa Borgstrom (1.0 English) beginning her first year of teaching

•Lisa Moe (.40 English) worked in the Anoka-Hennepin school district for 14 years

•Kari Rehrauer (.40 science) comes to Elk River High School with six years of experience

•Erin Leone (.60 Spanish) taught two years

•Mike Cunningham (1.0 activities director) is in his fourth year as an A.D.

•Nate Green (1.0 EBD) taught three years at Big Lake

•Monique Sabby (.60 FACS) shared position with ERHS and ZHS

•Jeff Tornquist (1.0 ASD) has six years of experience

•Katie Francis (.50 ASD/DCD) beginning her first year of teaching as a shared teacher of Westwood Elementary and Salk Middle School.


Rogers High School

•Jennifer Cielinski, a St. Thomas graduate, has been hired as a full-time math teacher after a semester at Rogers High School.

•Derick Doberstein, a Bemidji State University graduate, was hired last year as a long-term sub at RHS and will continue as a long-term science sub this school year.

•Justin Oie will be a .6 math teacher this year at RHS. He is a graduate of Bemidji State University and STMA High School. Justin is a member of the RHS football coaching staff.

•Sam Okland, a graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, will teach Spanish and help coach Rogers football.

•Amanda Pederson will teach English at RHS. Amanda has a passion for reading both classic and contemporary literature and will share that love with her students.

•Tracy Pollei, who comes to RHS with a year of experience at Waubun High School and is a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus, will teach social studies.

•Jaclyn Potvin will teach choir at RHS and elementary music at Hassan Elementary School. Jaclyn is a SCSU graduate and actively participates in community choir.

•Sam Reynolds, who spent the past three years at Rockford High School, will be a .6 industrial technology teacher at RHS. He is actively involved in the LINK program.

•Betsy Sanford, who taught English at a high school in France, will be a .4 French teacher at RHS. She is a native of Maple Grove.

•Holly Sutton, a graduate of Elk River High School and Winona State University, will teach physical education at RHS after working at RMS last year. Sutton is the head girls’ soccer coach and also coaches track in spring.

•Sonya Tonna will be a .5 DCD teacher at RHS and will also be teaching half time at RMS. Tonna attended college at Bethel and North Dakota State University. She lives in Ramsey with her husband and five children.


Zimmerman Middle, Senior High School

•Roxanne Carter-Wyatt, who previously worked a Springfield, Mo. school, will be a speech pathologist.

•Lance Dalbey will be a high school English teacher and head coach for the girls’ basketball team.

•Kim Davison, who has experience working in Minneapolis schools, will work with JAG.

•Katie Thomas, who has experience working in the Anoka-Hennepin school district, will teach FACS.

•Kelsey Nelson, a Concordia Moorhead graduate, is a new sixth-grade math and English teacher.

•James Payette, who worked previously at Elk River High School, will work with ASD and DCD special education students

•Jolene Rademacher has transferred from Salk Middle School to be a sixth-grade English and social studies teacher.

•Andrew Rosevold, who recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, is a middle school band teacher and the middle school and high school choir teacher.

•Monique Sabby, who has worked in the Anoka-Hennepin school district, is a FACS teacher.

•Jason Thompson, who previously worked in the Orono school district, is a special education teacher and head wrestling coach.


Ivan Sand Community High School

•Rachel Wild, who served as a long-term sub last year, has joined Ivan Sand as physical science teacher.


VandenBerge Middle School

•Derek Wold comes to VMS from Tununak, Alaska, where he taught science for grades six through 12 for three years. He will teach sixth-grade science.

•Eric Kusch, who has been a go-to sub for several years, taught in the St. Francis school district until he was the victim of a budget cut.

Kusch is a graduate of Elk River High School and attended VandenBerge Middle School. He will be teaching physical education and health.

•Ben Kirkwold, who graduated from Winona State and student taught in Holmen, Wis., will be teaching sixth- and eighth-grade science.

•Erika Scattarelli, a graduate of Elk River and St. Cloud State University, has taught in Minneapolis and has a great background for working with a diverse group of students. She will be teaching language arts.

•Deb Hyk will work in the autism room this year. She taught at Lionsgate Academy, a charter school for students with autism, and has been a long-term sub in the Elk River Area School District.

•Annika Torkelson, who comes to Elk River from Butterfield, Wis., will be a music teacher implementing the new general music curriculum for the sixth-grade students.

•Amber Weatherford, who graduated from the University of Minnesota and student taught in Burnsville, will teach language arts as a long-term sub on the sixth-grade team. She brings to the team a wealth of knowledge on differentiation and technology within the classroom.

•Terry Beaudry, who has been in the district since 2002 teaching vocal music at Elk River High School, Zimmerman Middle/High School and Rogers Middle School, will now teach at VandenBerge Middle School.

•Susan Nelson will teach computer keyboarding to sixth-grade students at VMS and Zimmerman.

•Kristin Jacoby is moving from Meadowvale to VandenBerge to work with the FOCUS program.

•Nancy Craft, a family therapist with Catholic Charities, will work with the students and their families who are in the FOCUS program.

•Jennifer Conrad will be working in all the buildings along School Street this year, including VMS. She is an adaptive physical education or DAPE teacher. She has worked in the district since 2006.

•Jon Sargeant, a behavioral analyst for the school district, has the ability to see patterns in behavior and determine how staff should respond in order to get a more acceptable behavior from the student.

•Kristi Detloff, a special education assistant in the FOCUS program, is coming back to VandenBerge from Meadowvale. •Karmen Sands Schuster is moving from Twin Lakes to VandenBerge and will work in VMS’s DCD room as an educational assistant with Michelle Farnum.

•Abby Schmoldt has been hired as a family therapist for Catholic Charities and will be working alongside Nancy Craft in the FOCUS program.


Salk Middle School

•Todd VanErp – assistant principal

•Laura Kauffman – eighth-grade science

•Erin Sindelir – sixth-grade science

•Ben Kirkwold – travels from VandenBerge to Salk – .2 FTE, eighth-grade science

•Melissa Bast – eighth-grade English

•Starrsha Thompson – sixth-grade English

•Ann Satori – .4 FTE seventh/eighth-grade math

•Angie Mahowald – .4 FTE sixth- and eighth- grade math

•Maranda Modeen – .4 FTE seventh- and eighth- grade social studies

•Julie Gestner – .3 FTE sixth-grade art – travels to Hassan Elementary

•Jessica Gelting – special education teacher

•Susan Potvin – Transferred from Rogers Middle School, seventh-and eighth-grade band

•Julie Hannan – Transferred from Lincoln Elementary, special education assistant


Rogers Middle School

•Angie Craft – sixth grade

•Keith Saxton – seventh- and eighth-grade band

•Nichole Hahn – art

• April Kabes – healthe and physical education

•Sarah Cohen – choir

•Sonya Tonna – ASD/DCD

•Liz Bruzer – speech and language

•Jordan Stock – social studies


Westwood Elementary

•Karin Rau – music teacher

•Izy Olson – Title I teacher

•Katie Francis – SPED teacher

•Christina Boeckers –SPED teacher

•James Sinkel –Minnesota Reading Corps tutor


Zimmmerman          Elementary School

•Jill Pouliot, who comes to the school fresh off a seven-year leave of absence, previously taught at Zimmerman Elementary.

•Joannette Muzzy,     Americorp literacy coach

Muzzy is going to be working with individual reading students who qualify for added assistance through the Minnesota Reading Corps. She is joining the staff after staying at home to raise a family.

•Chelsie Cabak, who comes to Zimmerman from the Anoka-Hennepin school district, will be a Title I teacher. She has also taught in the Minneapolis district.

Last year she worked in a school with only kindergarten students. She provided interventions to students who were struggling in reading.

•Kate Mager will be a special education assistant. She comes to Zimmerman from Westwood.

•Audrey Buchite, who comes to the elementary school from Zimmerman Middle and High School, will be a special education assistant.

•Jim Gornick, who was previously a dean of students at a K–eight charter school in Minneapolis, will be a supervision assistant.

He will be an integral part of the school’s Zebra Pride Program in his role in the Stop and Think Room and in supervisory roles around the building.


Parker Elementary

•Denise McDonald has been added to the physical education department this year. She was a teacher at VandenBerge last year prior to coming over to assist with kindergarten physical education. She helped coach softball last spring at Elk River High School and is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas.

•Chelsea Knuteson will be a new second-grade teacher. She was a first-grade teacher last year in Shoreview. She graduated in 2010 from Wisconsin-River Falls and is also a summer program instructor for the Oakdale Recreation Department. She also is an avid dog lover.

•Matthew Greenhoe will be a new fifth-grade teacher. He is a recent graduate of Concordia College in St. Paul. He was also a site leader in the Adventures Plus Program in Andover. While in college, he also competed on the golf team.

•Adam Matthees will be a new third-grade teacher. He is a 2009 graduate of Winona State. Last year he taught second grade in Cold Spring. He is a basketball fan and has done some youth coaching as well.

•James Knaresboro will be a new fourth-grade teacher. He is a recent graduate of St. Cloud State. He taught second grade last year at Meadowvale Elementary. He loves science and in the summer works at the Minnesota Zoo.

•Andrew Nelson will be the new EBD special education teacher. He is a recent graduate of St. Cloud State. He is originally from Stillwater and has spent some time as a first mate on a dinner cruise ship.

•Kayla Stafford will be a new kindergarten and first-grade Title teacher. She is recent graduate of North Dakota State University. She student-taught last year in Zimmerman. She also is a school-age teacher at Rainbow Preschool and Childcare.

•Sara Delgehausen will be a new second- and third-grade Title teacher. She is recent graduate of St. Cloud State University. She student-taught at Parker Elementary School in fourth grade. She is also a site leader in the Adventures Plus program in Champlin.

•Brian Westgard will be a new music teacher. Brian is a 2010 graduate of St. Cloud State. He taught music last year at Oak Hill Elementary School in St. Cloud. He plays the guitar and piano and his primary license is voice.

•Karin Rau will also be a new music teacher. Rau is a 2010 graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead. She taught music last year at Rippleside Elementary in Aitkin. She will teach kindergarten music at Parker and will also teach at Westwood Elementary in Zimmerman. She plays the piano and several percussion instruments and was also a swimming coach.


Lincoln Elementary

•Lauren McDougal, a recent St. Cloud State graduate, will teach third-graders.

She was hired to address class size issues. She is from Monticello.


Meadowvale            Elementary School

•Carla Carlson, kindergarten teacher

•Katie Ryther, speech teacher

•Daniel Klein, adapted physical education teacher

•Ashley DeGreeff, a literacy tutor for Minnesota Reading Corps


Twin Lakes               Elementary School

•Scott Kruger, who comes from the St. Francis school district, will be an assistant principal. He was a social worker in St. Francis. He also put in time at St. Francis as a dean of students. He lives in Elk River with his family.

•Joelle Waytashek, a recent graduate of the College of St. Benedict, will be a fifth-grade teacher. She went to school at Centennial.

•Nicole Johnston, who worked in the Monticello school district for two years, has been hired as a social worker. Johnston was a grade school teacher in Monticello. She has a daughter and lives in Elk River.

•Rebecca Anderson will split her time as a second-grade teacher and a reading specialist. She was a long-term sub for Twin Lakes last year in third grade.

•Angela Swaggert, who comes from the St. Francis school district, will be a kindergarten teacher. Her husband is an educator with the St. Francis district along with her parents.

•Katie Ryther, who lives in Elk River, will work in speech at Twin Lakes and Meadowvale.

•Joan Jacobson, who comes from the Monticello area, will teach art.

•Elizabeth Wenblom, who lives in Big Lake, has been hired through the Reading Corps program.


Otsego Elementary School

•Kathryn Oberg, Title/kindergarten teacher

•Nicole Booth, third grade

•Erin Rehnblom, grade five

•Jessica Garbacz, grade five

•Heather Smith, grade five

•Mike Cohen, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) teacher

•Kristin Rutz, special education

•Sarah Cooley, music                     •Nick  Zwick , grade K–two co-teacher

•Katie Vick, grade K–two co-teacher

•Ashley Bradow, grade three–five co-teacher

•Robin Nyquist, grade three–five co-teacher

•Rebecca Anderson, grade three–five co-teacher and kindergarten specialist

•Penny Simon, Minnesota Reading Corps

•Katie Hedtke, Minnesota Reading Corps

•Angela Arant, Title I teacher

•Leslie Erickson, Title I assistant

•Dan Klein, physical education DAPE (Developmental Adaptive Physical Education)

•Amber Sarkkinen, grade two

•Emily Mason, social worker

•Wendy Bursch, special education assistant

•Mary Crum,  kindergarten specialist

•Kae Carley,  kindergarten specialist


Hassan Elementary

•Stephanie Hamilton, first grade

•Emily Nelson, kindergarten

•Heidi Koosman, first grade

•Denise McDonald, physical education

•Jacklyn Potvin, music

•Juilie Gestner, art

•Christine Guimont, secretary

•Jill Helman, senior secretary

•Lynn Horn, instructional assistant


Rogers Elementary

•Siri Wilhelm comes from the Wayzata school district.

•Ellie Warzech comes from the Wayzata school district.

•Jenna Schrapp is a recent graduate of St. Cloud State University.

•Jennifer Squiresis is a recent graduate of St. Cloud State University.