His money clip was returned; he is thankful and proud

This past July 29, we were shopping at the Super One, Cloquet, Minn., on our way home to Ramsey. When we checked out of the supermarket, my money clip was dropped at checkout. I did not miss it until we stopped at Pine City about an hour later.
I called Super One. The young lady at customer service was very polite. She asked me to identify the money clip. I did. She asked how much I thought I had in it. I told her about $65-70. She said, “No. You have over $85 in the money clip.” She then asked when I could come back to retrieve it. I told her we would be back through Cloquet Monday, Aug. 1. She asked my name. She then told me the money clip would be in a locked drawer at customer service.
On Monday, Aug. 1, we went to Super One. Sure enough, my money clip was in the locked drawer in an envelope marked with my name and the date I said I would return to claim it.
To whomever found my money clip and turned it in, I say, “Thank you.” To the wonderful personnel at Super One, I say, “Thank you.” To the parents and the teachers who mentored the persons that turned in my money clip, I say, “Job well done. We are known by our actions. We learn how to care about others from caring, honest folk like you.”
We are very proud to live in the great state of Minnesota, for many good reasons. — Jim Acers, Ramsey