Wright finds voter fraud

The Wright County Attorney’s Office has concluded its investigation of 30 people who had been suspected of voting in the 2010 general election while on felony probation.
Of these 30 people, five have been charged with voter fraud. Three people were charged with voter fraud from the 2008 election and two from 2010 election. The allegations against the remaining 25 people were proven to be unfounded.
Tom Kelly, Wright County attorney, said: “Our office immediately started its investigation after receiving the list of potential suspects. As we went through the list we noticed that a number of the people listed did not vote in the 2010 general election or were not on felony probation. As we conducted our investigation we also noticed that some of the people, who we were not previously aware of, had actually voted in the 2008 election. After finding this information we expanded our investigation and are charging three people with felony voter fraud from the 2008 general election.”
Kelley said the investigation was a team effort involving Greg Kryzer, assistant Wright County attorney, and the Wright County treasurer/auditor and the sheriff.