Soccer: Edina thumps Elk girls 5-0 in opener

by Bruce Strand, Sports editor

Elk River had a humbling girls soccer opener, losing 5-0 loss to the Edina Hornets in Edina on Thursday evening.

“Edina is a very athletic team, and put a lot of pressure on us right at the start,” said Elk coach Brian Steuter. “I thought we played OK, for all the new starters we have.”

Edina led 2-0 at halftime including a penalty kick, and scored on a corner kick in the 55th minute, then got two more as the Elks sagged a bit.

“They wore us down physically because we were playing a lot of defense,” said Steuter.

Elk River will host Buffalo on Saturday, 1 p.m.., after the boys teams play at 11 a.m.