Tennis: Elks, Royals open season at Andover tourney

Rogers No. 1 singles Danielle Anderson returned a shot at Andover. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

The Elk River tennis team had no champions but won a majority of their matches in the season-opening Andover Invitational on Saturday.

“We had some fun. We saw some things to work on in doubles, and we were keeping track of shots by the singles players,” said coach LaRoyce Chapman.

Chapman, a former Elk, made her debut as head coach, after one season as an assistant.

Jen Koehler was 3-1 and won consolation at No. 3 for the Elks. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

The Rogers Royals also opened the season at Andover. Their top singles player Danielle Anderson had a win and two losses. None of the Royals placed in top three or won consolation.

The field included St. Paul Academy, Lakeville North, Centennial, Hibbing, Andover, North Branch, Monticello, Anoka, and Chisdago Lakes.

Camille Kraljic at No. 2 singles had a loss, then three wins. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

Ellks’ No. 1 singles player Michaela Schulz placed third in her division. She lost to St. Paul Academy’s Sonja Das 6-2, 6-4, and won two other matches plus a bye.

The other three singles players each lost in the first round, then won three times for consolation titles. They were senior Camille Kraljic at No. 2, eighth-grader Jen Koehler at No. 3 and seventh-grader Alyssa Karavitch at No. 4. (Ali May Kuebelbeck, who’ll normally play No. 3, missed the tournament.)

The top doubles team of Katie and Becca O’Connell was 1-1 for the day, as were Hadley Purdy and Kelly Edwards at No. 2 and Kelsey Rausch and Kathy Opsahl at No. 3. The tournament had a No. 4 slot as well with Annika Teske and Rebecca Lieser going 2-2.

The Elks will host Minnetonka in their dual meet opener on Thursday.