Arts Alliance thanks city for its support

Dave Raymond, chair of the Elk River Area Arts Alliance Board of Directors, turned out to the Aug. 8 Elk River Economic Development Authority (EDA) meeting to say thanks. He thanked the EDA for its support of the Arts Alliance and its recent ArtSoup festival. Raymond said the event attracted between 2,500 and 3,000 people despite poor weather.
EDA Commissioner Pat Dwyer said the festival is great for downtown as is the presence of the Arts Alliance, located at 716 Main St.
Raymond said there have been suggestions to make ArtSoup an annual event. So far it has been an every-other-year affair since the first one in 1999.
“We don’t have the manpower to do it every year, but if we could in some way partner with the city and the chamber, maybe it could be done (every year),” Raymond said.