Elk River approves permit for public works project

The Elk River City Council has approved a conditional use permit for its own public works facility expansion project.
The project includes two phases at the current 27-acre public works site at 19000 Proctor Rd.
Phase I includes relocating the fueling station, salt shed, compost area and oil drop-off station. That’s anticipated to happen in late fall of this year.
Phase II includes building an approximately 65,000-square-foot addition to the current public works building. That building is now 18,400 square feet in size. Bidding for Phase II is tentatively scheduled to take place this winter.
The city’s street and vehicle maintenance departments would occupy the new addition while the city’s parks department would take over the existing part of the building.
The addition would include a new maintenance shop, large vehicle storage, vehicle wash bay and office, meeting and locker spaces.
It is planned to be built with pre-cast concrete panels and glass accents.