Opinion: Spectrum dome offer is as good as it gets for community

The Spectrum dome offer is as good as it gets for our children, schools, community and taxpayers. Could there be some hidden political or economic agenda that is not seen? IF the city officials would “GET REAL,” this is what they would find. Availability, need and purpose for planning. The following are facts, opinions and realizations:
1. We are in a seven-year economic cleansing downturn from 2007 – 2014, no matter what political persuasion you may be.
Source: World Bank, IMF, and FDIC
2. There are 41 commercial/industrial sites ready in Elk River to move into TODAY, not to mention the many businesses under bank receivership. If you count the surrounding 10-mile radius, there are 104 commercial sites available and industrial sites that are vacant.
Source: MLS, Realtrax, Commercial Space
3. Industrial vacant land spaces available are in tremendous overabundance … especially with tax incentives and gradual increase in revenues from municipalities.
Source: Municipal Bond Incentive
4. The state of Minnesota is the eighth most undesirable place to start a business for numerous reasons.
Source: Forbes, Reuters, and Taxpayer’s League of MN
Council members who want to “preserve” the vacant lot need to realize that the lot will still be vacant now and probably for another six years, until at least 2015 or 2017.
The Elk River City Council has a choice to make. The vacant lot is very useful and beneficial to our community in numerous ways. My question is, are you investing in a vacant lot or the benefit of people’s lives? I hope that the city officials will reconsider.— Gregge Johnson, Elk River