Opinion: Football team volunteers are an asset to the community

In June of this year I attended the Handke School reunion in Elk River. I was on the committee so was able to be part of the behind-the-scene activities.
Early this year the chairperson contacted the Elk River High School athletic director, and asked if students would be willing to help at this event.
At 9:30 a.m. a group of young men, dressed in warm-up outfits and smiles on their faces, walked up to the chairperson and asked what they should do. Her response was, help wherever you see a need.
They assisted in the parking lot, helped people out of vehicles and into the building.
When lunch was served they carried plates, beverages and assisted people to their table. They served beverages, cut and served the cake. When lunch was over, they wheeled the large garbage bins out and cleared every table.
After they ate, they asked if they could stay for the program.
All of the attendees are senior citizens. Some had walkers, a few had wheelchairs and many had hearing aids. These young men were cheerful, friendly and very helpful.
Not one of them complained and each of them did more than was expected.
Many guests asked where we found the terrific helpers.  The answer was, members of the Elk River football team.
These young men are a credit to their families, an asset to the community and pleasure to work with.
And remember, they volunteered. Thank you for making the day a great experience. — Karen Peloquin Gilreath, Tonasket, Wash.