Bible Baptist hosts drama presentation of Bible

by Bob Grawey
Staff writer
Tom Meyer of  Wordsower will give a one-person presentation on parts of the Bible at Bible Baptist Church in Otsego.

The Aug. 11 performance begins at 7 p.m. as Meyer tells Old Testament stories from memory as ancient Israelites did thousands of years ago.

It is a powerful way Jewish people used in retaining their history, as well as using the oratory to build their own faith.

Meyer will also include chapter 11 of the New Testament book of Hebrews in his drama act.

The dramatist studied Jewish idiosyncrasies and mannerisms in Jerusalem which he will employ in his characterization of biblical text.

The one-hour event is free, though proceeds from a free-will offering will go toward Christian orphanage and widow programs in West Africa and India.

Bible Baptist Church is located at 15670 90th St. N.E., Suite A, in Otsego.