Scout making splash with water park plan in Otsego’s Prairie Park

Otsego City Council approved a landscaping bid of $3,789.50 from Midwest Landscaping for the planned splash pad in the city’s Prairie Park.
Eagle Scout candidate Aaron Dorvinen is taking on the landscaping for the splash pad project to earn his Eagle Scout designation, the highest rank Boy Scouts can achieve.
Dorvinen is responsible to research, plan and install plants and bedding for the water feature area in the Prairie Park splash pad.
The scout had to research types of plants to determine which would be best suitable for the splash pad area.
He also was in charge of preparing landscape plans and getting bids for the needed plantings for the project.
Quotes were obtained from Midwest Landscaping and 101 Market in Otsego and from Rum River Tree Farm in Oak Grove.
The Otsego Parks and Recreation Commission approved the Midwest Landscape quote which was subsequently approved by city council members at the July 25 city council meeting.
Another splash pad item approved by council members was for lighting.
Nine decorative poles and fixtures will be added to the splash pad area to offer patrons more safety at night.
The winning bid by Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association was $24,130.

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