Local author C.S. Yelle is published in ‘sword and sorcery’ genre

The setting sun blazed in the sky as they came to a rise. It beckoned them to walk into it, to start over without looking back to the past. But Logan did not stop, looking back to the farm as his sister turned with him. An ominous glow haloed the dwelling as fire destroyed the last remnants of the homestead, forcing them to move forward into whatever might lay ahead.

No home to go back to now, he thought. He turned, angrily whiping tears from his eyes. “Whoever is responsible for this will suffer a very painful death. This I swear.” 


by Bruce Strand, Arts editor

Craig Yelle is a middle-agend chemist and sales executive who adds adventure to his life through his writing.

Under the pen name C.S. Yelle, he’s the author of “Reclaiming Ter Chadain,” a 280-page tale he characterizes as “Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings,” published recently by a small North Carolina house, Argus.

Yelle, 47,  Elk River resident, got started reading the “sword and sorcery” genre in college.

“I figured, I’ve got as good an imagination as these guys. I could do this,” said Yelle.

Craig Yelle uses the pen name C.S. Yelle.

He began writing in 1987 and has finished four novels and three screenplays.

“I write in my spare time, in the evenings. I watch very little TV. I develop my story lines while I’m driving,” said Yelle, who’s on the road a lot with his sales job.

“Reclaiming” is his only published work so far. It’s available on A-Argusbooks.com. Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and as an ebook with Nook, Kindle, and Kobo.

Yelle says it’s  doing well for a first-time author,  helped by word of mouth and support of his Facebook friends. He adds that Argus has asked for his next book. “It’s a series,” he said.

“Reclaiming” is an adventurous quest with swordplay, intrigue, deception, and powerful wizards and sorceresses.

The teenage heroes, Logan and Teah, are twins who were adopted by a royal family. They escaped when their parents and siblings were murdered by a rival, King Stanton. Now they strive to save their kingdom, Ter Chadain, and reclaim the throne for the rightful queen, Teah.

Yelle, a Grand Rapids native, got a chemistry degree from Mayville State (N.D), then taught science and coached sports teams in North Dakota schools for six years before joining the water treatment industry 17 years ago. He has been executive account manager for Fremont Industries, based in Shakopee, since 1998.

“I enjoy my job. But like any writer, I’d like to do this for a living,” said Yelle.

Yelle and wife Jennifer have lived in Elk River since 2000. Their daughter and three sons have graduated from ERHS.

Asked if his kids have read his book, he grinned, “No. They lived it. I  bounced around all my ideas for the book with the three boys. They already knew what was in it.”

Yelle said his knowledge of the fantasy genre and his imagination are sufficient to create stories, but what he had to learn to do was, frankly, to write — to  write a paragraph, develop story lines and create characters. Hee attended workshops and read some how-to’s, including one by Stephen King that was especially enlightening, he said.

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