County Board approves grant application

Sherburne County commissioners approved a request from the sheriff’s office to apply for a grant to receive FEMA money to prepare a Hazard Mitigation Plan for the county.
The grant program, administered by the Minnesota Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, ensures that counties have the opportunity to take critical mitigation measures in reducing the risk to loss of life and property caused from future disasters.
It also makes sure these measures are not lost during the reconstruction process following a disaster.
Jen Callahan of the sheriff’s office says having a FEMA-approved Hazard Mitigation Plan in place would give Sherburne County access to additional grant funding for mitigation projects if needed before or after a disaster.
Examples of projects eligible for funding include:
•Acquisition and relocation of structures from hazard-prone areas.
•Retrofitting, such as elevating structures to protect them from future damage.
•Structural hazard control, such as drainage improvements or hardening of critical facilities.
•Conversion of overhead power lines to underground.
•All-hazard mitigation planning and updates.
Callahan says the county applied for a $109,860 grant, of which the county would be responsible for $27,760 of that amount.
If granted, it would allow Sherburne County to have a hazard mitigation plan in place.
Callahan adds the county will not know if it has successfully obtained the grant until closer to the end of the year.

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