Clients barking about new business

by Nathan Warner
Contributing writer
There’s a new business people are barking about in Zimmerman, as well as the dogs that will be taking up residence there for a time.
“It’s like a dog’s heaven,” Nancy Wright said about her new business, Dog Zone, which will open next month in downtown Zimmerman.
The air-conditioned shop offers dog day care, indoor boarding with an outdoor exercise run, all levels of obedience classes, and grooming services rendered by Little Suzie’s Pet Parlour, which has also moved in under the same roof.
“We wanted to develop a business where you could bring your dog for all reasons,” she said, “and that would draw people to downtown Zimmerman.”
She said she feels it is important to support small towns and local businesses, especially in tough economic times.
“Our business offers pet owners a one-stop shop for all their dog needs,” she said, “and it’s right by Highway 169 on County Road 4, making it convenient for people going to and from work.”
The idea of a one-stop pet shop is not new and there are locations in the Twin Cities as well as one in Saint Cloud, but Wright says this is the first in Sherburne County.
An indoor boarding design was essential in the business plan to avoid issues with weather, insects and dirt, which Wright says are challenges faced by most outdoor boarding facilities in the area. “I wanted a place that would be neat, clean, and safe,” she said, “where owners wouldn’t have any second thoughts about leaving their pets in our care.”
Wright has been working with dogs for 25 years and has taught many obedience classes. The Dog Zone will offer all classes for puppies and adult dogs, including competitive obedience and rally for owners interested in showing their dogs.
Partnering with Little Suzie’s Pet Parlour was an important step for Wright in making her dream for the business come true.
“Suzie’s has been in Zimmerman for 14 years,” she said, “and they have a reputation and quality that people trust. Joining our energies under the same roof will make the attraction for dog owners all the more potent.”
Tara Browns, owner of Little Suzie’s, is also excited about the partnership. “I think it’s a great idea to offer so much in one space,” she said. “It just makes the experience that much more convenient.”
Dog Zone will officially open Aug. 1 and is located on 12644 Fremont in downtown Zimmerman.
For more information on Dog Zone, call 763-856-2000. For more information on Little Suzies, call 763-856-9297.

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