Sunday’s storm causes damage around town

Severe weather that moved through Elk River on Sunday caused damage in several locations that resulted in calls for service for the Elk River Police Department.
Power lines were knocked down in the 300 block of Baldwin Avenue.
A window at The Home Depot was blown out and a sprinkler line was damaged, causing flooding.
There was a tree down in the 20400 block of County Road 1.
There was a power outage in the 19000 block of Twin Lakes Road. A transformer was reported to be on fire, but no fire was found upon arrival. Elk River Municipal Utilities was dispatched.
A downed tree blocked traffic from flowing on the 10800 block of 191 1/2 Avenue. The tree was too large to be moved, so the Elk River Street Department was dispatched to the site.
A large tree branch was found at the intersection of Meadowvale Road and Xenia, and it was moved to free traffic.
A window was blown out at Arby’s restaurant. Extra patrol was requested through the night.

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