State shut-down spurs new ordinance

Otsego joined a growing number of municipalities when its city council members approved an ordinance that will take over electrical inspections, normally a state function.
With the state shut-down, those state-controlled employees who conducted electrical inspections were laid off until the budget is resolved.
So far, no Otsego project has been help up, but city staff told council members electrical inspections will be needed in the near future.
The measure was approved as a new ordinance so the city would have something in place in case the state ever shuts down again.
A second motion was made and passed to contract with Paul Hipsag.
He is currently a contracted inspector with the state and already covers the Otsego area.
Hipsag’s fees will be based on Minnesota’s existing fee schedule with 80 percent of that fee going to him and the remaining 20 percent going to Otsego to cover administration costs.

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