Suspicious box, stolen catalytic converter and other police news

Suspicious dumped box was a good deed
What appeared to be the suspicious dumping of a large box apparently  turned out to be someone doing a good deed.
A person had reported to police at 1:54 p.m. July 2 that a bus pulling a trailer stopped along Highway 10 near Great River Energy (GRE) in Elk River, removed a large black box from the trailer and placed it on the shoulder of the road.
Police located the black Fed Ex shipping box near the entrance to GRE.
Police also located the bus, stopped it and spoke with the occupants, who said that the item was in the road way and they had removed it.
Police placed the box in the police department’s storage room as found property.

‘Heated argument’ ends in citation
One person was cited for disorderly conduct after a disagreement between neighbors in the 17000 block of Tyler Drive in Elk River. The dispute was described in the police report as a “heated argument.”
Police were called there at 6:31 p.m. June 30.

Catalytic converter stolen from vehicle
A catalytic converter has been reported stolen from a vehicle in Elk River.
The theft was reported to police July 6. The catalytic converter is worth an estimated $500.

Two bikes, one scooter were stolen
Two bikes and a scooter were reported stolen to police on July 1 from the 700 block of Freeport Avenue in Elk River.
The items are valued at $210.

Golf clubs, GPS unit, stolen from vehicle
A set of golf clubs and other items were reported stolen to police on July 3 from an unlocked vehicle parked outside an apartment building in the 300 block of Evans Avenue in Elk River.
Taken were TaylorMade golf clubs in a black Calloway bag, a TomTom GPS unit and a face plate from a CD stereo deck.
The theft occurred between 11 p.m. June 30 and 9 p.m. July 2.

Two-vehicle accident sends two to hospital
A trapped driver had to be extricated from a vehicle after a crash in Elk River.
The two-vehicle accident happened at the intersection of Highway 169 and 193rd Avenue at 7:22 p.m. July 3.
Two people were taken to the hospital by ambulance, according to the police report.

Purse stolen from vehicle left briefly
A woman had her purse stolen from her unlocked vehicle while she was dropping her daughter off at a daycare in the 19000 block of Evans Street in Elk River.
The theft was reported to police at 9:15 a.m. June 28.
Two white male suspects grabbed the purse from the seat of the victim’s car, ran to a waiting vehicle and drove off. The suspect vehicle is described as a two-door, older, black SUV.

Vehicles entered, items stolen
Several unlocked vehicles were entered while parked in a driveway overnight in the 20000 block of Vance Street in Elk River. Items were taken from at least two vehicles.
The incident was reported to police July 6.Copper theft reported in Big Lake Township
The theft of copper from two exterior air conditioning units at an address on Highway 10 in Big Lake Township was reported to the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office on June 28.
The cost to repair the damage is unknown at this time.

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