Opinion: Dear Minnesota Legislators

Dear Legislators,
Come on.
Forget giving in to your base and do what’s best for Minnesotans.
You were not elected to represent just your base of political support.
As a legislator you represent all the people in your district, not just Republicans and not just Democrats.Your vote also represents all of the people of Minnesota.
Allowing a shutdown to continue just to appease your base in the next election is disgraceful.
It’s becoming apparent that Minnesotans are frustrated because the ones they elected to make a difference are betraying that confidence.
The governor is agreeing to make significant budget cuts in health and human services for the most vulnerable Minnesotans who depend on government programs. He wants to tax the wealthiest Minnesotans who can afford them to prevent further cuts in the Human Services budget.  Most Minnesotans agree with that.
Republicans say they actually are increasing the budget by 6 percent. Where?
If you cut over a billion from human services, $400 million in higher education, $109 million in transportation, where is the increase?
They and the governor are shifting nearly $2 billion for schools down the road.
Real leaders are going to have to step up and solve this budgetary mess which is costing the state $18 million a week.
As for getting re-elected, voters are getting smarter. They can see this for what it is: a political fight.
Leaders who forget their self and party interests who cut through the rhetoric and work to stop the shutdown will be remembered for their courage and they will be reelected for that. – DON HEINZMAN

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