Archaeological dig set for McDonald house

Though the McDonald House in Otsego was named a Heritage Preservation site in 2004, it will be torn down on its present location along County Road 39.
The Otsego City Council brought the hammer down on the historic house’s future, voting at the June 27 city council meeting to tear the structure down.
Hazardous lead contaminants were found in the structure’s paint. That will have to be sealed before it can be torn down.
Otsego Historic Preservation Commission (OHPC) members asked the council to consider allowing an archeological dig of the site before it is filled back in case artifacts are present.
Members of the OHPC will also videotape the inside of the structure, as well as take still photos to preserve the memory of the building and its importance to Otsego history.
City council members approved the dig.
Concerns over high costs prevented the structure from being restored or moved to another location.
City Planner Dan Licht says the city was told by Heather Koop of the Minnesota Historical Society that once such a structure is moved, it loses its historic value.

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