New warning sirens to cover most of Otsego

Otsego is set to double its number of severe weather sirens after city council members agreed to spend $50,000 for three new sirens.

The city currently has just two which left a big share of Otsego without outdoor warnings for bad weather, including tornadoes.

One of the sirens is located near Otsego Elementary School, while the other siren, an Excel Energy siren, is in the west part of the city.

The Excel siren is managed separately from the county-operated sirens.

One of the new sirens will replace the old one near the elementary school.

A second siren will be constructed at the city’s waste water treatment plant and cover the Beaudry Meadow Park and Kaleidoscope Charter School areas.

The third warning siren will be erected close to city hall and Prairie Park since many use park amenities.

With the new sirens in place, it will provide severe weather warnings to 87 percent of Otsego’s population, according to city planner Dan Licht.

The rest of the city’s populace is covered by sirens in surrounding communities.

It will take seven to 10 weeks to get the new sirens in place.

Licht says as the city grows, the need for more sirens will be evaluated.


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