Cars jumping and juking at ERX track again

Three determined drivers barreled up a hill at ERX. (Photo by Erik Jacobson)

Last summer, Elk River Extreme Motorpar introducted Beater-X racing, in which small autos make the same sharp turns and jumps as the motorcycles and snomobiles for which the track was built.

The new venture was so well-received in three dates that ERX expanded to six this summer.

The second installment was held Thursday night with another good crowd of several hundred on hand. Action was uninhibited, unhinged and unpredictable as usual.

Main event winners were Andrew Carlson in Trucks, followed by Zach Hoffman and Bob Nicholas; Jake Wessling in UTV Stock, followed by Carlson and Andy Ines; Shane Felegy in UTV Open, followed by Aaron Deckard and Mike Hurd;  Mark “Rock Star” Ellington in Compact One, followed by Jerrid Fisher and Chris Vogt; and Tyler Jerde in Compact Two, followed by Brad Borg and Cody Gorsegner. Next Beater-X races are set for July 28.

Tyler Jerde (17) battled Cody Gorsegner (140) for the lead in a Compacts Two race. Jerde won the main event. (Photo by Erik Jacobson)
Shane Felegy (88X) jousted on a turn with Mike Hurd (90X). Felegy was the Main Event winner in UTV Open. (Photo by Erik Jacobson)
Andrew Carlson in 151 rears up during a Trucks race. He won the main event. (Photo by Erik Jacobson)

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