Wapiti Park sues city of Elk River

Click here to read a story about Elk River’s move toward revoking Wapiti Park Campground’s conditional use permit.

by Joni Astrup
Associate editor
Wapiti Park Campgrounds has sued the city of Elk River.
The lawsuit stems largely from issues surrounding the Elk River City Council’s denial of Wapiti Park’s request to renew a permit for a campground building.
The campground building is used as an office, bar, laundry and gathering place for guests, according to the lawsuit.
The original building burned in 1999 and the city required Wapiti Park to apply for an interim use permit for the new building. The permit was good for 10 years. The City Council denied renewal of the interim use permit on April 18.
Wapiti Park is located at 18746 Troy St.
The lawsuit is being brought against the city by Lorraine White, trustee for the Lorraine M. White Trust, and Wapiti Park Campgrounds Inc.
Elk River City Attorney Peter Beck said the matter has been forwarded to the city’s insurance carrier, which has accepted defense of it.
The City Council tentatively plans to meet in a closed session Monday, June 27 to discuss the lawsuit.

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