Mental health pilot to target citizens in Sherburne, Wright

The Minnesota Department of Human Services has granted Children’s Therapeutic Services & Support (CTSS) Certification to Accurate Home Care.
Accurate obtained this certification so that it can provide mental health behavioral aide services as part of a state pilot program. The pilot program will include a partnership with Central Minnesota Mental Health Center in Monticello and Accurate Home Care.
The intent of the program is to combine the best of both worlds in serving Minnesota’s mental health in children under 21 — initial evaluations and professional counseling in the clinic setting complemented by practical learning and skills assistance in a patient’s home and environments. The pilot will be executed in Wright and Sherburne counties.
Accurate Home Care currently provides in-home health care assistance to a wide array of pediatric, disabled, adult and senior clients around the state.
“As the sole home care agency to be chosen for this pilot program, we are excited to contribute our expertise,” said Amy Nelson, Accurate Home Care CEO. “With health care reform changes already happening, it’s important that home care’s cost efficiencies and breadth of services be utilized to the maximum on behalf of Minnesotan families.”
This DHS pilot program will establish a contract model for other Minnesota counties to follow. The state will use this model as an alternative approach to enable providers to offer mental health behavioral aide services. With the new eligibility criteria for Personal Care Assistance services as of July 1, 2011, some clients will qualify for these behavioral services and serve as less disruption for families.

Award bestowed
The Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal has included Accurate Home Care as part of its list of Top 25 Home Health Care Providers for the second consecutive year.
The ranking is determined by the overall number of patients served by each home care agency in the Twin Cities metro area. According to this determinant, Accurate Home Care was the 16th largest in the state. In terms of the number of metro area home care visits made in 2010, Accurate was rated No. 1, outpacing its nearest competitor by over 100,000 visits.

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