Opinion: Representatives failing to represent their constituents

We are in a unique, never seen before period in history.   The rapid change in communication methods, such as the cell phone, social media and GPS calls into question our basic humaness and how we will relate to one another.

This is coupled with an unmeasureable amount of selfishness and self-centeredness, particularly among those involved in politics.

The idea of representative government is gone now, the majority in elected office are more concerned about protecting the wealthy from a tiny temporary tax, than the children and elderly in their own district.

How many residents in greater Minnesota earn more than $750,000 per year? It seems those that represent us in outstate Minnesota are lazily protecting the wealthy donors to their campaigns who live in the seven county metro area.

They don’t represent our interests when the local nursing homes have to cut staff because of lack of funding. They don’t care about our children when teachers are exhausted from teaching the heavier load.

Democracy is about compromise, and it is about protecting the citizenry from the tyranny of the rich and it requires the education of our children (which requires money). Our representives have no understanding of any of these ideas.

Some misconceptions are floated out in the media. One: Governments are NOT families, with only one source of income.   Governments have greater flexibility in raising revenue. Small business owners are not the wealthiest people in the state. Will the CEO of Target move all of Target out of Minnesota if he pays a marginal tax on his $20 million income?

Two: The governor HAS said what the additional revenue would be used for.   READ MY LIPS: 1) Fund K-12 education 2) support nursing homes 3) Fund infrastructure.

We have two chambers in St. Paul awash with practical atheists and pharisees. Both are so frozen with the fear of the change in our culture, that they can do nothing productive. So they let the wealthy make the decision. They let four months go idly by, like ostriches with heads in the sand.

So young adults get on your social media and take control.

Look to Tunisia, Egypt, and Yeman. Exercise your right to assembly, create a state with representative government. It is up to you. It’s your state. — Jane E. Odgers, Princeton



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