October Road is Red Dirt Country

by Bob Grawey

Staff writer

Country music fans may be familiar with Red Dirt Country music, but for those who have not heard  of this upbeat version of country, they might want to plan on attending Rockin’ Rogers days Saturday, June 25.

October Road band lead singer and guitarist, Shawn Smalley, says the four-member band will begin playing around 8:30 p.m. and go till 12:30 a.m.

Red Dirt Country is different, Smalley explains, in that it incorporates a bigger gamut of country music that people in Minnesota likely have not heard before.

Originating in Texas and Oklahoma,  this brand of country includes what Smalley calls Texas Swing and something getting close to rock music.

“The stuff that’s coming out of the Top 40 Country charts right now is so cookie-cutter,” Smalley claims. “You could take any song from any artist and give it to another artist and it would be the same. Red Dirt Country is a blend of Americana and country.”

Smalley is also the band’s lead song writer and says the thing that draws him to this style of country music is that it is not only very upbeat, but that the lyrics are very strong as well.

“People can expect music and artists they have never heard before,” Smalley says. “We’ll still play songs that are familiar to people, but people will be changed after listening to Red Dirt. It’s going to awaken something in them.”

The band will give the audience information on artists unfamiliar to them, Smalley says, including Web sites where folks can hear what the artist has to offer.

People interested in hearing a preview from October Road can go to the band’s Web site at www.octoberroad.net.

The cost of all band concerts is a $10 Rockin’ Rogers button. These can either be purchased at the gate or from one of several outlets selling the buttons. To find those locations, go to www.rogersmnlions.org.


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