‘Fabulous’ band taps into themes

by Bob Grawey

Staff writer

They might be called fabulously talented, when considering the band members’ impressive resumes, according to Fabulous Armadillos band member and keyboard artist Greg Armstrong.

Currently, the theme band is playing at a 200-seat theater in St. Cloud. All 10 dates are sold out to the “Favorites” theme.

Fans of the band voted on their favorite songs preformed by the Fabulous Armadillos to create the “Favorites” theme.

Hailing from the Twin Cities and St. Cloud, eight to 14 band members give concerts around themes that include Woodstock, Motown, 80s music, Classic Rock, Southern Rock and Arena Rock.

The Fabulous Armadillo’s Thursday night, June 23,  concert will feature a mixed theme of these genres.

Band member, Billy Scherer, offers renditions as close to the original artist as it gets, according to Armstrong.

“Billy is blind, and I think being blind, it gives him an incredible ability to mimic singers,” Armstrong says. “We do Led Zeppelin and if you close your eyes, you’d think you’re listening to Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin).”

From AC/DC to Joe Cocker, Armstrong says Scherer gives crowds amazing performances that replicate original artists.

Another band member, Paul Diethelm, played in opening bands for performers like Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones and Sting.

The Fabulous Armadillos Thursday night set runs from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

To hear the band’s  themed music, go to www.fabulousarmadillos.com.


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