Local bike drive seeks bikes of all conditions

by Bob Grawey

Staff writer

When Sherburne County mental health social workers take on a case, they do more than make appointments for clients and monitor client progress.

Two of the county’s mental health social workers are also striving to provide bicycles for people they help and for others who could use a bike.

Social worker Virginia Vik says when one of her clients needed a bike for transportation, she found Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles, a non-profit organization that provides bikes for low income, homeless and disabled people.

According to Vik, the organization is operated by a couple in St. Paul and some volunteers, who take bicycles in any shape, size and condition and refurbishes them to give away to people of all ages.

The couple even go to junk yards to retrieve bikes to repair, or to take parts which they use in rebuilding other bikes,

And every bike the organization offers is free of charge.

Vik was so impressed by the work this couple does, she and fellow county social worker Darrin Krenz decided to host a bicycle drive to help the couple out.

It will be held Monday, June 20 from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Sherburne County Government Center parking lot.

Bikes are needed for all ages and for both genders. There is a waiting list of people who need a bike.

Those interested in donating a bike for others less fortunate can give any kind of bike in any shape, from brand new to used and even bikes in need of repair.

For more information, or if people cannot get their donated bikes to the government center on June 20, call Darrin Krenz at 763-248-9011.

Krenz can also make arrangements for those who might need help transporting their donated bikes.


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