Hennepin County investigates bank teller

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a former bank teller who is accused of stealing money from ATM machines at a Hassan Township bank where she worked.

The thefts occurred at the First National Bank of Elk River in Hassan.  As a result of the Sheriff’s Office investigation, 51-year-old Kelly Jo Bistodeau of Albertville has been formally charged by the Hennepin County attorney with felony theft by swindle.

“Financial crimes are very complex investigations with receipts, ledgers, statements and other financial records that detectives need to examine,” said Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek.

According to the criminal complaint, a total of $259,000 was stolen from the ATMs over a period of several years and the thefts occurred on multiple occasions while Bistodeau was refilling ATM machines at the bank. After she took money from the ATMs, she used different methods to hide the theft in the bank’s records, such as making false accounting entries into the general ledger.

John Houlton, the president and CEO of First National Financial Services, noted that at no time were customers’ funds involved in the alleged fraud.

The Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate this case.


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