Hassan Township’s new park plans challenged

A decision to develop a new park in Hassan Township’s southwest corner developed sudden speed bumps at the June 6 town board meeting when resident Jodi O’Brien began asking question as to the proposed park’s amenities.

Town planner and administrator Bill Craig said the 33-acre park will have a proposed nine-hole frisbee golf course, a volleyball court with sand pit and a half court for basketball.

The park will also have a picnic pavilion with charcoal grills.

O’Brien questioned why the town would put a frisbee golf course in the new park since all but a couple of the children living in those three subdivisions were elementary aged.

Rather than a frisbee golf course, she asked about a simple level grassy area with a backstop so kids could play games of pick-up softball and kickball, games more closely related to the ages of kids who live nearby.

Cost and maintenance was an initial concern of board members who want to keep the project under $100,000.

Park board chair Gene Wipf told those present the park board had attempted to initiate feedback from residents as to what amenities to include in the park, and those chosen were based on that feedback.

O’Brien, however, said she was only made aware of the planned park amenities that day even though she lives in the Three Rivers development, one of three developments in which the park is being developed.

Craig acknowledged only residents whose land abutted the planned park land had been notified as to the land use for that property as outlined in zoning statutes.

The unofficial name of the proposed park, located on Bechtold Road near Autumn Way, is Hassan Meadows Park and is situated between the Three Rivers Estates, Country Meadow and Heartwood Trails neighborhoods.

Since the park will be on Hassan’s greenway corridor, trails will also be incorporated into the park’s design around and from the park to connect with Hanover’s trail system.

Construction and the park’s completion is expected this year.

The cost to develop the park was $93,873 with the proposed amenities, but that may change. O’Brien was invited to attend the next park board meeting Thursday, June 23 at 7 p.m. at the old town hall to further discuss if any of the proposed amenities should change.

Funding for the new park will come from developer fees.


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