Opinion: Feeling fortunate to live in Elk River

nd the first person I encountered asked when I’m going to write another letter to the editor. Little did I know that it would be four days later.

Last night I was reading the business section of the Star Tribune and realized how fortunate we in the Elk River area are that our city administration and City Council have not led us into dire circumstances.

Waconia, in Carver County, eliminated 10 city positions as it struggles to pay bond debt on a development that barely got going. In 2009 Waconia issued a one-time levy for the money. Then it dug into the town’s capital improvement fund for the rest, a major factor in the budget crunch that forced the town to eliminate 10 city jobs and send other workers on unpaid leave. Then other cities were also listed, but this one is close to my heart because I am from Chaska, rival city of Waconia.

I am so proud that Elk River is on the way to receiving the highest bond rating. I know Elk River’s overall bond rating is higher than Mankato, and that really impresses me. Elk River is No. 1 in many areas, including its status as Energy City.

I thank God that he has given our leaders foresight so that we aren’t in the same situation that many other communities are in. Let’s keep shooting for the high goal and be humble in doing it, for only with God’s help will we be successful. — Lola Driessen, Elk River


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