Elk River Rotary May student of the month will be full-time PSEO student

Mathea Krogstad

Parents: Jeff and Julie Krogstad

List the activities you have participated in and tell of your proudest accomplishments.

In the last few years, I have been involved in 4-H, choir, band, worship team at my church, and Knowledge Bowl. My proudest accomplishment in these was winning grand prize for a veterinary project in 4-H in the seventh grade.

What is your favorite class and why? What is your favorite subject?

Mathea Krogstad

I think my favorite (and hardest) class this year has been AP biology. I have had moments where dropping the class has sounded really good. But I’ve had fun and have learned more than I thought I would.

What are your future plans?

Next year, I’m doing full-time PSEO at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. After that, I am hoping to go to Bethel University or the University of Minnesota for a nursing degree.

What are your hobbies and/or personal interests?

In my free time, I obviously like hanging out with my friends. I also love photography, playing piano, reading and doing just about anything that involves animals — like horseback riding.

Who is your hero, if you have one and why?

I really look up to my older sister, Erica. She is beautiful and successful and intelligent. She inspires me to try new things and strive for excellence.

How do you demonstrate leadership?

I play piano for my youth group music team. We practice for an hour each week and put together the music and then play in front of everyone.

How do you approach academics to achieve success?

I look at academics as learning for life, not just to pass a class. Things that I’ve learned in the past years have been helpful in ways I didn’t expect and that motivates me to continue learning.

What special projects have you done, in or out of school?

I was in the pit orchestra for last fall’s production of “White Christmas.” Outside of school, I have done veterinary research projects for 4-H.

Why do you think you won this award?

I think that I won this award because I’ve made an impression as a student who is serious about learning, but makes time for other things as well.

What does it mean to you?

Getting this award means to me that my efforts in my academic work is paying off and my goals related to my school work are being achieved.


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