Ask a sheriff: Sherburne County Sheriff Joel Brott

Q: What are the common rules for riding an ATV in Sherburne County?

A: In reality, there are a lot of rules concerning ATV use in Sherburne County and the state of Minnesota.  Anyone interested in learning all of the rules can visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Web site or contact the Sheriff’s Office and a rule book can be sent to you.  Some of the more common rules are:

•Your ATV must be registered with the DNR in order to operate your ATV and that registration must be displayed.

•You must have a valid driver’s license to operate your ATV within a road right of way or on a township road.

•There are many rules regarding the age of an ATV operator and the size of the ATV being operated.  You should consult the DNR ATV rule book for additional information for youthful operators.

•Everyone under the age of 18 must wear a helmet when operating on public lands or frozen water.

•You cannot operate your ATV in the road right of way from April 1 to Aug. 1 in Sherburne County.

•You cannot trespass with your ATV; you must have permission to enter agricultural land or to operate your ATV on private property.

•You may not operate your ATV below the ordinary high water mark of unfrozen lakes, rivers and streams; certain wetlands.

•There are no designated ATV trails in Sherburne County.

Off-road motorcycles are not allowed to be operated within the road right of way. — Joel Brott, Sherburne County sheriff


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