Bachmann once had nothing but good to say of Sarah Palin

by T.W. Budig
ECM Capitol reporter

Sixth District Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin are on a collision course, national pundits speculate.

Bachmann and Palin, assuming both seek the presidency, are seen competing for the same flock of conservative/Tea Party voters, and Bachmann’s strategist-in-waiting Ed Rollins may have inflamed if not established a rivalry by reportedly styling Palin as not a serious candidate.

(Rollins also told CNN Politics that a Bachmann presidential campaign would include fact-checkers making sure everything Bachmann, who has been slammed for making inaccurate comments, said was indeed accurate.)

Whatever the relational status between Bachmann and Palin now, Bachmann was  lavish in her praise of Palin after Republican Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain picked Palin as his running mate in 2008.

Bachmann, speaking at the time of the Republican National Convention, said this of Palin:

“Even though she has two years’ experience as the governor of the State of Alaska, it tops all three men who are on the top of the ticket — Barack Obama, Joe Biden and John McCain — if you put them all together she has even more executive experience,” said Bachmann.

Bachmann had already met Palin during a congressional trip to Alaska.

“One thing about Sarah Palin is that she struck me as a very strong, independent woman,” said Bachmann.

“And she is strong because she blew the whistle, not on Democrats, but on Republicans — corruption she saw in her own party,” she said. “She was able to knock off this pedestal the Republican incumbent governor,” Bachmann said.

The congresswoman went on:

“She’s really a normal person. She’s not someone who has tried to take the office to lift herself up,” said Bachmann.

“She really believes passionately in her viewpoints and she been advocating for it,” said Bachmann of Palin.

“And I think people truly believe she has their best interest at heart and that why they’ve given her such a good record,” she said.

Bachmann continued:

“John McCain is nobody’s fool. And he will not make a decision lightly,” said Bachmann.

“When he looks at Sarah Palin I think he sees a woman who is fearless — absolutely fearless politically,” said Bachmann. “It took him a long time to come to this decision,” she said.

“And when I was with Sarah Palin she didn’t believe she was on Senator McCain’s long list little alone his short list for vice presidency,” said Bachmann.

“She’s a very humble individual,” she said.

“People will be wowed when they get to meet her tonight on the stage (at the convention),” said Bachmann.

“I think they’ll be very secure in this woman,” she said.

“I think the American people will relate to her,” Bachmann said.

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