Opinion: Breakfast set to trade pancakes for fireworks

I’m happy to report planning for the second Independence Day celebration and fireworks display is going well, but just how well remains to be seen.
We’ll know better after Sunday once members of the Elk River American Legion and representatives of a citizen-led Independence Day Committee serve up pancakes to the community.
I can tell you it’s a lot easier to get people to come to a fireworks show than a pancake breakfast, but the fact of the matter is how well we do tomorrow will help determine how well people like the show on July 4. It could make the difference between a good show and a magnificent one.
If Elk River wants to see RES Specialty Pyrotechnics out of Belle Plaine top last year’s performance, members of the community will have to come through with donations. Free-will offerings on Sunday at the breakfast will be one of the easiest ways to do it.
Checks also can be dropped off at local banks (First National, Central Bank, The Bank of Elk River and the Greater Minnesota Credit Union) and restaurants (Daddy-O’s in downtown Elk River and Denny’s in Otsego) as well as the Star News. They need to be made out to the American Legion, which is serving as the group’s fiscal agent again.
People can also check out www.elkriver4th.com and make donations via PayPal.
The best part about this fund drive is if it goes well it will do a lot more than fill the nighttime sky on the Fourth of July in Elk River.
The citizens behind this celebration have a vision for a community gathering that will someday be steeped in tradition and rich with collaboration. I promise you tiny seeds are being planted in the way school and community groups are being asked to plug in, local entertainment is being assembled and food vendors are being lined up for this great event.
Elk River is a great place to live and raise a family and it’s the belief of Independence Day Committee members an annual Independence Day celebration — focused on community — with a fireworks display to cap it off will only make it better. Please come and enjoy some pancakes and sausage for your community. ­— Jim Boyle, editor

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