Letter to rude drivers everywhere

To the Driver Behind Me:
Hello, I can’t drive any faster just because you’re riding my tail. In fact, you are jeopardizing the safety of at least four other cars around our scenario. That’s the one you are creating. If I have to slam on my brakes, you are going to force my car to ram into the car in front of me, and the two behind you will echo.
For what? Impatience? I ask, do you have children in the car watching what you’re doing? Ack…
Greetings also to the person who won’t let me merge into the other lane even though my turn signals are twitching. What’s up when you SPEED UP so that I can’t move? Seriously, I’m just saying … do you realize what you reveal about your character?
Forget about kindness, what about just following those driver’s education guidelines?
So odd to get those “finger salutations” or sneers from (rude) drivers because I am “in their way,” yet doing the perfectly legal stuff. What a sad reflection on our me-first culture. Why is it OK to devalue someone else just because we don’t know their name or story?
How about we all knock it off? Behind every steering wheel is another someone having a day, a life and a family. Let’s blow kisses and lighten up on the gas pedals. — Christine Junod, Elk River

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