Business school gets down and dirty

Rainy weather didn’t faze the more than 30 Elk River Minnesota School of Business (MSB) staff and faculty who volunteered their time last Friday, beautifying the Handke Center’s outdoor classroom in Elk River.

Volunteers from the Elk River campus of the Minnesota School of Business cleaned out flower beds among other tasks last week at Elk River’s oldest school building.

“It may be wet out here, but that’s not stopping us from having fun and getting the work done,” said Kayla Stai, campus communications specialist.

A portion of the group cleaned out flower beds by pulling massive amounts of weeds and dead plants, raking old debris and getting the beds ready for fresh wood chips.

The rest of the group focused on digging up sod along a fence line, putting down edger and mixing in compost so new flowers could be planted. They also transplanted pieces of sod to an eroding hill that needed a little TLC.

Handke Center’s master gardeners assisted with determining what a plant versus weed was, putting down new plants and providing guidance as to what to do next.

Community Education Director Charlie Blesener worked with MSB staff and faculty throughout the day and said goodbye with a big thank you.

Minnesota School of Business staff and faculty posed for a picture after beautifying the outdoor classroom at the Handke Family Center.

“You guys worked hard today and literally transformed the area out here,” Blesener said. “We can’t thank you enough.”

This project was put together as this year’s community service day for the MSB-Elk River campus. Annually, every Minnesota School of Business campus shuts down on the same day to perform a community service for their specific area.


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