Presidential candidate Pawlenty makes stop in Iowa

by T.W. Budig
ECM Capitol reporter

Newly minted presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty made his first campaign stop today (Monday, May 23) in Des Moines Iowa, appearing at a “town forum”
on the sunny deck of the State Historical Building.

The golden domes of the Iowa State Capitol in distance provided a picturesque backstop for former Republican governor who gave a speech at took a handful of questions from the audience of about 100.

Pawlenty, who announced he was running for president yesterday in an Internet video, appeared this morning on network morning shows.

On the NBC Today Show, Pawlenty indicated he did not expect to initially out raise former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in campaign fundraising.

“We’re not going to be the money champions of the race to start out with,” he said.

But there’ll be enough money to run a successful campaign, Pawlenty explained.

“It may not be the BMW or Mercedes campaign, but a solid Buick — maybe trending towards a Cadillac,” said Pawlenty.

When asked by NBC’s Matt Lauer about the charisma factor, Pawlenty gave his standard answer. “I’m not running to be Entertainer in Chief,” he said.

Pawlenty will be in Florida tomorrow.

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