Otsego approves $132K in equipment purchases

Otsego City Council members approved two capital equipment purchases at the May 9 city council meeting.

The first item approved was for a 2007 Elgin Pelican street sweeper listed at $82,000.

However, the city was able to trade in a 2006 model to bring the actual price down to $77,484.

Council members approved the second piece of equipment, a 2011 John Deere 4720 tractor to replace a 1974 Ford 2600 tractor.

Along with the new tractor, Otsego also approved the purchase of a new mower attachment and a front end snowblower attachment.

After the older model trade-in, the final purchase price was $55,140.

The tractor will be used in the summer to pull the mower for use on all city property including its sports fields and parks.

The snowblower attachment will be used with the tractor to clear snow from trails and the end of cul-de-sacs in Otsego.

All equipment purchases were budgeted for out of the city’s Capital Improvement Fund.


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