Deckert to replace Mehelich

by Jim Boyle


The Elk River City Council gave Annie Deckert, the marketing and business development administrator for the city of Elk River, a huge vote of confidence.

They decided Monday, May 16, to promote her outright to the director of economic development post vacated by Cathy Mehelich, who has taken a job with the city of St. Cloud.

Council members will forgo the city’s common practice of searching and interviewing candidates. Deckert made city officials aware she was interested in the job. Council Members have directed city staff to prepare a proposal and come back with a pay plan.

Deckert was thrilled with the news.

Annie Deckert

“No. 1, I love Elk River,” she said. “I’m thrilled to be able to move up with the community.”

She says the timing is good, as she senses the local economy is lifting some.  “The phone is starting to ring again and people’s attitudes are improving,” said Deckert, who, among her many responsibilities, has has been leading the city’s branding effort with the help of ChandlerThinks, a Tennessee-based firm.

Deckert has also been working with the city’s revolving micro loan fund. She has also served as a point person Northstar train activities and on housing and foreclosure prevention initiatives.

Elk River Mayor John Dietz, the newest member of the council, said he would at least like to interview Deckert.

Council Member Paul Motin said having worked with her for four or five years, he was ready to promote her. So were the others on the council.

Dietz later said he has always supported the idea of promoting from within.

“If people do a good job, they should have the ability to move up the ladder,” he said.

Deckert was a city planner for Big Lake before coming to Elk River

The Elk River woman has been with Elk River since April 2008. She started as a economic development assistant.

Deckert is pursuing her master’s degree in public administration from Hamline. She was recently recognized by the Economic Development Association of Minnesota (EDAM) for establishing a young professionals group.


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