Gov. Dayton signs Hannah’s Law

Dayton smiled as Madison grabbed pens off the desk.

by T.W. Budig
ECM Capitol reporter

Surrounded by Hannah’s family, Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton today (Thursday, May 19) signed into a law legislation bearing Hannah Kozitza’s name.

Hannah’s Law toughens state law pertaining to CPR training among day care providers.

The bill commemorates Hannah Kozitza who choked on a grape at a North Mankato day care last summer and died.

Hannah’s portrait sat on the corner of the desk on which the governor signed her bill into law.

“I like changes for the right reasons. And this is for the right reasons,” said Sen. Dan Hall, R-Burnsville. Hall carried the bill in the Senate.

Hall thanked the Kozitza family for “their patience, their perseverance, and their courage” in pursuing the change of law.

Hall, who recently had a grandchild die at birth, said Hannah’s Law “hit him really hard.”

Rep. Mary Liz Holberg, R-Lakeville, carried the bill in the House and noted its bipartisan support.

Dayton extended the thanks of the state to Hannah’s family. “My heart goes out to the Kozitza family,” said Dayton.

Dayton recounted how one of his son, just four-year-old, almost drowned at summer camp and how he remembers the terror of the moment. “I know in a small way what you endured,” Dayton said.

He thanked Kozitza for contacting the lawmakers.

“As the result of your tragedy, other lives will be saved throughout out Minnesota, other children will be spared, other families will be spared,” said Dayton.

Hannah’s older sister, Madison, on her own initiative, began handing out ceremonial pens even before the governor had signed the bill bearing her sister’s name in law.

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