New homes few and far between

housing onlineby Joni Astrup
Associate editor
New home construction remains sluggish in Elk River.
To date in 2011, the city of Elk River has issued four permits for single family homes and none for multi-family dwellings like apartments or townhomes.
“From my vantage point, things are still really slow in the new residential development side,” said Jeremy Barnhart, planning manager for the city of Elk River.
However, he is seeing and hearing of more and more activity in commercial and industrial reuse/remodel development.
Meanwhile, over the last decade, new home construction peaked in Elk River in 2003. There were 586 permits issued in 2003 — 285 for single family homes and 301 for multi-family units.
Development continued at a fairly steady pace until 2008, when it dropped off a cliff. Only 25 permits for new single family homes were issued in Elk River that year, and none for multi family units. In 2009 there were 20 permits issued and in 2010, there were 68 — 53 of which were the units at The Bluffs of Elk River Station apartment building (see story here).

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